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Posthumous Tribute: 1965


Hamilton, Ontario. Presentation of the exhibition held during the McMaster Festival of the Arts (Gagnon, 1988, p. 470).

Re-presentation of the "Fifteen Canadian Artists" exhibition, first held at the Hunter Gallery of Art of Chattanooga, TN (October and November 1963) at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, CO (March 8 - April 5). The exhibition would circulate until October 1965 to the following American cities: Manchester, NH (n.d.), Exeter, NH (n.d.), Austin, TX (n.d.), Washington, DC (n.d.), Macon, GA (n.d.), Columbus, OH (n.d.), San Francisco Museum of Art, CA (June 7 - July 5), and the City Art Museum of Saint Louis, MO (September 6 - October 4)(Gagnon, 1988, p. 469). The works presented by Borduas:

  • 1. Souriante, 1955
  • 2. Le Chant de la pierre, 1956
  • 3. Chatoiement, 1956
  • 4. Silence magnétique, 1957
  • 5. Résistance végétale, 1958